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What floor are you?
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Last night, we handed out nine bags of candy in about an hour and a half. That's with giving out only piece at a time.

On to the topic at hand. I work on the 17th floor, and even though I'd take the stairs, I'm not allowed to, at least not from the first floor. I guess I could take the elevator to the second floor, get off and walk to my floor....I'm getting off topic.

My co-workers and I have decided to label each floor based on who gets off the elevator when it stops. We have no idea what companies are on each floor; we're just going by looks and stereotypes. Don't look at us that way.

Floor 13: The Yuppie Pricks. We base this on their....well, damn! Just look at 'em. And try getting them to say hello to you. They won't. Why? Because they have that damn bluephonestartrekphonething on their ears. We suspect they are lawyers.

Floor 12: The Pretty Girls just out of college in their first job floor. Either they work in advertising or there is an escort service in our building. Then again, maybe those two are the same thing.

Floor 10: 1984. The people who work on this floor stopped buying clothes in 1984. So, in essence, they are hip again.

We only have three floors pegged. This is the type of fun we have at lunch. Once again, don't look at us that way.
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