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Friday, September 30, 2005
As you go out this weekend, try to use some of these words in your descriptions or late-night conversations. They're from the wonderful book The Meaning of Tingo...and Other Extraordinary Words from Around the World by Adam Jacot de Boinod.

BAKKU-SHAN (Japanese)
A girl who looks as though she might be pretty when seen from behind, but isn't when seen from the front.

DESUS (Indonesia)
The quiet, smooth sound of somebody farting but not very loudly.

MAMIHLAPINATAPEI (Fuengian language, Chile)
A shared look of longing between parties who are both interested yet neither is willing to make the first move.

A man who seizes any chance of being in close physical contact with a woman.

Allowing a lover access to one's bed, under the covers, for a chit-chat.

Men who worship their own sexual organs.

KORO (Japanese)
The hysterical belief that one's penis is shrinking into one's body.

A person who leaves a restaurant without paying.

TINGO (Pascuense language, Easter Island)
Borrowing things from a friend's house, one by one, until he has nothing left.
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  • At Monday, 03 October, 2005, Blogger Long_Division said…

    In New York, where you never eat at the same restaurant twice, it's tempting to be a zechpreller, but you know in your heart that it's evil.

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