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B.C., the final installment
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Let me first say this: Hotels need to bite the bullet and offer free Internet all the time, both dial-up and Wi-Fi. I don't have a laptop, so I don't get to participate in the free Wi-Fi in hotels or in my room. I have to use the business center or those TV Internet contraptions, and usually they cost a lot. In Victoria, the hotel offered free Internet in their business center. In Vancouver and Whistler, the hotel Internet cost CAN$6 per 15 minutes. Either hotels need to just take a loss on it or roll the extra cost into the room price. Ok, enough venting; on to the trip.


We arrived in Vancouver via the ferry, got checked in, and then went to a dine-around at three different hotels. After this, the Aussies and I went to the bars. The first bar, Doolin's, was your average Irish pub. There was even a Irish band playing standard Irish tunes. Meh. We moved on to the Atlantic Trap & Gill, a Newfoundland bar. This place was happening. A young crowd was there watching The Whiskeydicks, another Irish type of band, but more on the rock side. Think of the Pogues...they were kind of like that. People were banging on tables, raising glasses, and really getting into the show. One audience member even got on a table and played spoons. Two of the three Aussies left halfway through the evening, and Craig and I closed down the bar.

The next day was my ski lesson. I like to think I pick sports up pretty quickly. I'm wrong about that when it comes to snow skiing. I had the hardest time learning to turn and stopping. At one point, I actually ran into my instructor. I tumbled over him, his skies and my skies, all of this leaving me with a big bruise on my left hip and extremely sore ribs (I don't think they're broken, but damn they still hurt). I'd like to take lessons again, but I want time to practice all day.

Earlier in the morning, a few of us visited the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the Brian Jungen exhibit. Jungen is an incredible artist that creates pieces out of everyday objects. Check out this page for his famous masks made from old Air Jordan shoes.

Later that evening, we all went curling. It's harder than you think. Even though no one took a picture of me skiing into my instructor, someone did take a picture of me falling on my ass while curling.


Whistler was really nice and very crowded. Almost a foot of snow fell the first night we were there. I ended up tubing one morning. That was fun for about three runs. The next day, some of us went Zip Trekking. We swung through the snow and trees 200 feet about the ground. I suggest you do this if you ever get a chance.

The first night's bar experience was okay. We (the Aussies and me again) went to a place called Buffalo Bill's, which is known as a "cougar bar." For those that don't know, a "cougar" is an older woman that picks up a younger guy. True, this bar was full of some older women (think late 30s to mid-40s), and true, a lot of younger guys were dancing with them and making out with them, so I guess it's really one of those bars. We closed down that bar and stumbled home in the snow.

The final night bar experience was great. We ended up watching Mike Relm spin. This guy is incredible. He worked three turntables (one of which was connected to a video screen that went along with the music). He didn't stick to any one type of music during his performance, and he didn't outwear any songs. He was pretty much perfect. I don't really follow the DJ culture that well, but I do know this guy blew me away. In fact, it was a wonderful way to end my trip.
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B.C. Trip Part Two
Thursday, February 23, 2006
Today, I learned that every building in Victoria, British Columbia, is haunted. At least, that is the way it appeared on our ghost walk guide. But maybe it's true. I'm tempted at this time (1:28 a.m. Pacific Time) to go to the Fairmont Empress and see if I can witness the elderly ghost knocking on doors on the sixth floor.

Also, I hung out with the Aussies tonight. We visited a couple of pubs, and I was able to keep up with their drinking. One bar we went to was pretty much the sister bar to the DoubleWide, a bar in Dallas. Where the DoubleWide has velvet paintings all over the place, this bar, called Big Bad John's, had bras and panties hanging all over the venue. The walls were covered in photographs and old money, and the music was old-school country & western. If I lived here, it would be my local.

Tomorrow, we go to Vancouver.

And in other news, I should stop saying things are going well, because that makes things not go well. Maybe I jinxed myself.
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B.C. Trip Part One
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Well, I finally arrived in British Columbia with only two flight delays. My baggage arrived with me, so I'm happy about that. I made it in time for dinner and (more importantly) the free drinks, so that's another reason to be joyful. Now I'm buzzed and sitting in the business center that has one, yes one, computer. How can it be a "business center" and only have one computer? Nevertheless, I'm taking my sweet time on it. The guy before me was on it for more than an hour. And he was researching cars (I watched him through the little window).

Today, I learned that in Australia you're not allowed to take home doggie bags because the restaurant would then be liable for a lawsuit if you ate the food and got sick. But on the upswing, it's BYOB at most restaurants there.

I also had a guy write out my name for me in the three Japanese dialects.

So far, I'm the only U.S. citizen on this trip. I kind of like that. Tomorrow, I participate in geocaching, a museum tour and a ghost walk tour.
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Please leave a message, and I'll return your call soon.
Monday, February 20, 2006
This is just to let you know that I'm not ignoring you, readers. I've just been busy. In fact, here are the things I've been busy with.

1) We had a show last Wednesday at the Cavern. It was much better than our last show and decently well attended.

2) I've been obsessed with Clarks lately. As some people are obsessed with jeans and if they're boot cut or not (I'm looking right at you, you know who), I'm obsessed with these oh, so comfortable shoes. I now own two pairs. They will be along with me on my next work trip.

3) Speaking of work trip, I'll be in British Columbia for the next week. Two days in Victoria, two days in Vancouver and two days in Whistler. Let me know your souvenir requests in the comments section.

4) I won a full-body massage in an air hockey game bet. In addition to that, I won a free meal at Steel (a fancy, expensive Sushi restaurant here in town) with my mad air hockey skills. There should be air hockey in the Olympics. I believe I'd make the team.

5) I've been debating with myself about getting a laptop or not.

6) I will be visiting my blogger enabler in NYC in April.

7) And sometimes, things are going so well, I just don't know what to write about.
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Happy Valentine's Day
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Dear Readers,

This card is for half of you:

And this card is for the other half you:

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Not very (Ever) clear
Monday, February 13, 2006
Eric's birthday party was Friday, and from what I remember, everyone had a grand time. Seriously, after about 1 a.m., I don't remember much. I'm blaming the Everclear liquor.

See, I decided to make a special punch that included strawberry sherbet, ginger ale and one liter of Everclear. It tasted okay, and it was very strong. Nevertheless, I had four cups of it. Other people were drinking it, I'm sure, because it was pretty much all gone by the time I got up the next afternoon.

I rarely forget things when I've been drinking, but I think that changes with the Everclear. I don't remember when people left (did I kick them out or did they leave on their own?), and I'm questioning if some people showed up that I thought showed up. K-- took away my punch and gave me water; I don't remember that. I pulled out a sheet for Per to crash under on the sofa; I don't remember that either. All I know is that I slept in my clothes and I didn't have a hangover.

Here is a picture of the punch:

For more pictures from the party, click here.
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Myspace, bringing families together since...
Wednesday, February 08, 2006
I was 18 the last time I spoke with my half-brother on my real mom's side. Today, he found me on Myspace. I don't mind communicating with him and getting to know him better. However, I'm not too sure I want to talk to my real mom, and by talking to him, that opens up that door.

Right after I replied to his email, he sends me a separate email telling me that our mom set up a Myspace account to see if I would talk to her and add her as a "friend."

And then my other half-brother from her third marriage writes me. He's 15, and I've never spoken to him. He wants me to teach him to play guitar.

I have nothing against getting to know family members that I've lost contact with, but for them to all come out of the woodwork at one time is a little overwhelming. It's like I won the lottery or something and now everyone is my relative.
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Ode to Tussin
Monday, February 06, 2006

I found you shelved beneath your overpriced cousin
Proudly displaying your discount and half-name: Tussin
My purchase was quick and because I was sick
I shot back your bitter, red liquid quick.

Tussin, ol' Tussin, your healing action was satisfying,
A medical miracle that goes out of your way.
Thank you for your Friday bedside comforting
So that I could continue my life on Saturday.
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Maybe it's time I said something
Thursday, February 02, 2006
Things have been going well.

Last night, I was invited to an Italian restaurant for a tequila tasting and dinner. Yes, tequila at an Italian restaurant. It was all quite delicious, and I came away with a new appreciation of tequila, or more specifically, Sauza Tequila.

Yes, things have been going well.

Check out the article about Eric, written by Wee Demon.
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A riddle
Wednesday, February 01, 2006
My first is in edible but not in idle
My second is in interspersion but not in serpentine
My third is in elongate but not in entangle
My fourth is in decoration but not in coriander
My fifth is in sentry but not in terseness

My first is in conceivable but not in nonviable
My second is in dedicator but not in director
My third is in fingerling but not in finger
My fourth is in impartial but not in armpit

What term am I?
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