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B.C. Trip Part One
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Well, I finally arrived in British Columbia with only two flight delays. My baggage arrived with me, so I'm happy about that. I made it in time for dinner and (more importantly) the free drinks, so that's another reason to be joyful. Now I'm buzzed and sitting in the business center that has one, yes one, computer. How can it be a "business center" and only have one computer? Nevertheless, I'm taking my sweet time on it. The guy before me was on it for more than an hour. And he was researching cars (I watched him through the little window).

Today, I learned that in Australia you're not allowed to take home doggie bags because the restaurant would then be liable for a lawsuit if you ate the food and got sick. But on the upswing, it's BYOB at most restaurants there.

I also had a guy write out my name for me in the three Japanese dialects.

So far, I'm the only U.S. citizen on this trip. I kind of like that. Tomorrow, I participate in geocaching, a museum tour and a ghost walk tour.
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