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Myspace, bringing families together since...
Wednesday, February 08, 2006
I was 18 the last time I spoke with my half-brother on my real mom's side. Today, he found me on Myspace. I don't mind communicating with him and getting to know him better. However, I'm not too sure I want to talk to my real mom, and by talking to him, that opens up that door.

Right after I replied to his email, he sends me a separate email telling me that our mom set up a Myspace account to see if I would talk to her and add her as a "friend."

And then my other half-brother from her third marriage writes me. He's 15, and I've never spoken to him. He wants me to teach him to play guitar.

I have nothing against getting to know family members that I've lost contact with, but for them to all come out of the woodwork at one time is a little overwhelming. It's like I won the lottery or something and now everyone is my relative.
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