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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
I've organized my clips, worked on my resume, and started working on the cover letter. By the end of the week, my overseas job application will be sent.

Since getting this job is a real possibility, I've thought about all the things that usually keep me here and how I can work with them.

Family: They'll always be here, and I'm certain I can fly back fairly often when needed.

Friends: They're only an email or phone call away, and I'm sure most of them will want to stay with me when I move. And yes, I'd be happy to let anyone crash with me.

Significant Other: I'm not dating anyone. Hell, I don't even have a reliable booty call (applications accepted, though).

Band: This is a big one. I'm certain that we could keep the band going through tape swapping. Thanks to the Internets, the world is much smaller, and music is much easier to produce and distribute.

In the end, the only thing keeping me from accepting this job (if I get it) is fear. And if you know me, you know I'm all about not letting fear rule my life, so that settles that issue.
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