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Bust a move
Thursday, January 19, 2006
Last night, I attended a new friend's going away party. I met Marcia a few weeks ago through my friend Chelsea. I'd heard about Marcia for months, but I never saw her out and about. Then, once I met her, she was everywhere. Maybe it's because she's moving and she's trying to hit all her favorite places, but everywhere I turn she's there. That's not a bad thing, though. She's good people, and we have tons in common. Instead of being my new Texas friend, she'll now be my "another good person to visit in New York City" friend. Here's a photo of us.

So, one person moves and another one re-emerges. After Marcia's shindig, I headed over to 80's Night at the Cavern. Let me tell you this, it's so nice to see a DJ actually use vinyl when spinning. I'm tired of watching DJs "spin" by inserting CDs into a player or by pushing buttons on their iPods. This guy at the Cavern drops beats, mixes songs, etc.

While there, I ran into my old friend Elayne. I have not see her in probably more than a year...maybe two. She used to date an old high school friend of mine, and that's how we first met. It was nice to catch up with her, and now she'll be my hook-up for all things 80's related and art related (she works at a museum here in town).

Breaking news: I'm seriously thinking of applying for a job overseas. I'm very qualified for it, and I really believe I'd get it. This makes me nervous.
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