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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
My New Years started on Thursday night. From then until now, here are the things I've observed.

1) A certain bar owner thinks I'm someone I'm not. I shouldn't complain, because I get free drinks out of it.

2) I'm starting to become very good at the game Skip-bo.

3) I shouldn't fret about a certain girl not calling me and then calling me and then not calling me and then calling me and then not calling me. You get the point. Games are so 20th century.

3a) Certain girl needs to fucking contact me.

4) Wee Demon throws good parties and makes bad-ass mixes. Her make-out couch was very enticing.

5) I met someone who just got back from Iraq. He validated everything I think about this war.

6) Don't stand next to your ex-girlfriend as she's making out with her boyfriend.

7) Wear better shoes if you're going to walk drunk at least half a mile.

8) The bar losing your bank card is not the end of the world, just frustrating.

9) Champagne has replaced Dr. Pepper as nectar of the gods.

10) Don't blog drunk. (Crap...already screwed that one up.)
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