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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Since it's after midnight, it's now officially my birthday. This is the first time that I have nothing planned for its celebration. I believe my friends may take me out, but that is not certain. Much like the rest of the holidays, my birthday has become nothing too special. I wonder where all the charm and excitement went and why it left.

I finished Henderson the Rain King tonight, and it was wonderful. It now ranks up there with Steppenwolf (and other works by Hesse) in terms of books that I feel can be life altering to those who take the time to read them and learn from them. I especially enjoy books that tackle dualities in life. In Henderson, Bellow covers the contrasts of fear and love. This is of particular interest to me, because I feel that too many people live their lives by and in fear.

Everything--every action, emotion, thought, etc.--arises from either fear or love. And to go through life in constant fear, in my opinion, is to live a sad life. Henderson says in the book, "Whatever gains I ever made were always due to love and nothing else." That is what I'm striving for, to move through life expressing nothing but love, BEING nothing but love.

I'm doing more creative writing lately, and that makes me happy. I know why I am, and I hope it never ends.
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