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Back from Florida
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
So, I was actually in Hollywood, Florida, and not Fort Lauderdale as expected. I did visit Fort Lauderdale for about half a day for work related activities. Otherwise, I was mainly in the bar at the hotel with other event attendees and journalists.

I met some new and interesting people, and I made some good contacts for future trips, so in the end I'm glad I decided to attend the event.

I brought pictures back for you all. Happy? Good, I knew you'd be.

My oceanview room was nice.

The hotel tries to woo me with champagne and chocolates. It worked. I put out for the hotel.

King Tut hosted our first night event. I've been told he's the original "king of bling."

This was food at an event. I'm not sure what the food actually was, but judging from the time put into presentation, I'm sure it was a tasty treat.

Freaky plastic babies. I've been having nightmares about these things for days.

This is the bull that threw me. What? Fuck you. I can go to Florida and ride mechanical bulls. I have no shame.

But I am ashamed for not having proper beachwear.
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