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Kickball, comedians, and the Book of Revelations
Monday, November 21, 2005
Round One: My kickball friends and I were challenged by the bully basketball players a few weeks ago to a kickball game. They were under the belief that they could kick our ass at our own game. We took the challenge and decided to rumble yesterday afternoon. It was a total Jets vs. Sharks kind of thing, but without the finger-snapping and singing.

In the end, we schooled the basketball players. We won our first game 15-3, and we won the second game 14-9. Our next opponent will be a real kickball team, one that plays in a WAKA league.

Kickball action:

Round Two: I saw a couple of comedians last night at a bar. It's sad when the audience heckler is funnier than the onstage talent.

Round Three: I'm going to make a movie about The Book of Revelations. I will hire Journey to do the soundtrack. We will end the movie with either "Don't Stop Believing," or "Open Arms." Not sure which yet.
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