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Chad Stockslager
Monday, November 14, 2005
I don't quit easily. If I feel something or someone is worth fighting for, I stay till the end. Maybe it's the competitive nature in me, or maybe it's because I feel everyone is worth a second (or third) chance. More often than not, it's mainly because I want to see my friends succeed and not let their talents atrophy.

Chad Stockslager is one of those friends of mine. No matter how many times he flakes out on me or gives me the run around, I'll be there to support him. He's an extremely talented songwriter who currently plays in the band The Drams.

Posting these two solo songs is my effort to let the world know about Chad. If you like the songs, please write and encourage him to get off his ass and release a proper album.

I recently put "The Last Time" on a mix CD, which has yet to find its way to that person. The lyrics...well, let's just say they fit.

The Last Time

"She Knows" features the talented Sara Radle on backing vocals.

She Knows

(If you have any trouble downloading these songs, please let me know.)
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