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A couple of random bits, again
Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Random #1: I've been on a few trips, and inevitably it happens. Someone I just met will start talking about the weather. Phrases such as "Hot enough for you?," "I bet it doesn't get this cold where you're from," and "Looks like rain tonight," happen so often that it's laughable.

I know people do this because the weather is something everyone has in common, and they're looking to establish similarities between themselves. But can't we talk about other similarities? How about "So, I see you have two arms, too. How's that working out for you?," or "How pickled is your liver?"

So, yeah, the weather...it's supposed to get down to freezing here tonight. How exciting!

Random #2: This past weekend was full of good times. I was going to tell you about The Veldt, but Wee Demon did a good job of saying what I would say about them here.

On Saturday, everyone in town decided to have a party. Out of five on my list, I ended up at three. First on the books was Wee Demon's belated birthday party. A lot of men were there, so all you single ladies missed out. Or maybe that was Wee Demon's plan all along--to have a room full of strapping young lads to herself.

After this party, I picked up la_bitessa and we headed to our friend Dan's housewarming party. Here's a picture of Dan about to punch la_bitessa:

Once we had ingested our share of alcohol and chips, we made our way to a bar for Wee Demon's After Party Party, where this guy kept buying me shots.

I ended up taking random photos of things such as



and Wee Demon and her gentleman caller.

After this picture, I dropped my camera and Wee Demon made fun of me for being drunk.

She was right; it was time to go home.
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