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Monday, November 28, 2005
Not much to report on during the Thanksgiving downtime. I had Thanksgiving with my family, came back home and spent time with my friends. We did the usual drinking in bars type of thing.

Item #1

I was walking in the bar, talking to my friend Crystal, when I walk by a guy who says to me, "You're so gay. You're gay, aren't you?"

I reply, "No, and besides you're not my type." And then I walk away to talk to some other friends.

A minute later, his buddy comes over and says to me, "I'd like to apologize for my friend. He's having a rough time; he's going through a divorce."

Item #2

Me: So, why do waffles cost more than pancakes? It's not like they're harder to make.
Amy: This is the same as asking why do indie kids think they're better than other kids.

(Seriously, can someone explain to me why waffles cost more than pancakes? You just pour the waffle mix in a waffle maker, whereas with pancakes, you have to work on making them round. Thus, wouldn't pancakes cost more because of the labor involved?)

Item #3

I'm becoming one of those annoying people who take pictures every second of every outing. But usually, I enjoy taking random shots, especially of tables that have gone through a party or dining process, such as these.

I'm not sure why I'm attracted to taking these kinds of pictures. I just am.
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