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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
I used to get excited about Christmas because of the gifts. However, that doesn't excite me anymore. What excites me now about the holidays is seeing old friends when they come back to town or meeting new people at dinner parties.

The other night, my upstairs neighbor had her annual Christmas dinner party and poetry reading. Her husband is an English Lit professor, and he educated us about the poetry of A.E. Housman. It was great; I felt like I was in college again. I was the youngest person there, but that didn't stop me from meeting new people and learning new things. The food was great, and there was plenty of wine for everyone to have multiple drinks.

And I'm sure there will be plenty of drinks to go around when Long Division and I meet up at some dive bar here in town. She and Wee Demon will finally meet. Long Division, Wee Demon and me...it will be a blogger roundtable. Anyone else on our blog rolls is welcome to come and drink with us. And then we can blog about it. Or not. We could just keep our meeting a secret. And let you wonder what we're saying about you all, our readers.
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