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The Stella kept flowing and it was heaven
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Christmas came and went and for the most part was pretty low key. Last night, though, Owen Wilson came into the bar. He drank water, and was taller than people say he is. Also, his nose didn't look as crooked in real life. Some of the girls in the bar went Owen-crazy. I didn't get any pictures though. Sorry.

However, you probably don't care about that. You probably want to read about the meeting between Long Division, Wee Demon and me. Well, the first annual blogger meet-up was like Paris 1919. Much was said that can't be repeated here (except for this: Wee Demon...what you said about RW is forever etched in my mind), but here's image proof that it actually happened. Behold the first band photo of The French Apes. Oh, Wee Demon, we forgot to tell you that you're in our band now.

After this wonderful experience, Wee Demon left us to go see a person that dabbles in the musical arts. Long Division, her husband and myself were left to our own devices, which usually means more drinking. We went to another bar around the corner, where Long Division proceeded to meet tons of new people and make new friends. Here is her and my friend Val, getting quite close to one another.

We closed down the bar, Long Division and her husband disappeared into the night, and I made my way back home. Alone. (cue violins)

And now some pictures.

Long Division and her husband. Notice the Lone Star beer. You know you're in Texas now.

I hang out with rock stars.

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