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Friday night, the gig was up.
Monday, January 09, 2006
The owner of the bar where I've been getting in free and receiving some free drinks finally found out that I'm not who he thinks I am. I wonder if anything will change. Still, I think I earned my keep. The door guy was missing, so the owner had to go pick up another guy to work that night. While he was gone, he asked me to check IDs at the door. I had a huge, I can crack your skull in pieces, flashlight, and I felt powerful. I only had to work 30 minutes, and it was fun. In the end, the owner bought all my drinks for me (and my friends) that night.

Saturday, I made my way to the new-ish Darkside Lounge to catch the Veldt, Black Heart Society, and the Black Angels. Wee Demon does a great job summing up the place and the bands, and I'm in total agreement with her about all the bands and the venue. Please read her review. You can say you heard about The Veldt here first when they blow up big nationally.

Sunday, thanks to Wee Demon, I got to watch Grey's Anatomy. It was a refresher show, and now I'm all caught up on the story lines. I don't really watch that much TV, but Grey's Anatomy is really good. You have Arrested Development for the comedy and Grey's Anatomy for the drama. What else do you need?

Thank you Wee Demon for the pasta. And the drinks. And the hospitality.
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