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Monday, January 23, 2006
Friday night, I schooled Wee Demon in darts. She actually put up a good first game, but after that, it was all downhill for her. Maybe it was those Starburst drinks that affected her aim.

(Either I've just thrown a dart or I'm busting out my new dance move that will take the nation by storm.)

(Wee Demon proves that she hit the board. Look closely at the darts; there are breasts on them!)

Saturday night, I saw Chad's band, The Drams, play a great show. After that, all I remember is drinking and playing blackjack.

(Blurry, "artsy" photo of The Drams.)

Sunday night, I got my dance on for La Bitessa's early birthday celebration. I still need to find out who does that "Everybody's Fucking on the Dance Floor" song.

Breaking news: I just purchased my $38/each Belle & Sebastian tickets. Who's going with me?

Shout outs: Check out Swirly Girl's blog for your reading pleasure, and please take a look at my good friend James' journal. Ladies, he's single.
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