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Not very (Ever) clear
Monday, February 13, 2006
Eric's birthday party was Friday, and from what I remember, everyone had a grand time. Seriously, after about 1 a.m., I don't remember much. I'm blaming the Everclear liquor.

See, I decided to make a special punch that included strawberry sherbet, ginger ale and one liter of Everclear. It tasted okay, and it was very strong. Nevertheless, I had four cups of it. Other people were drinking it, I'm sure, because it was pretty much all gone by the time I got up the next afternoon.

I rarely forget things when I've been drinking, but I think that changes with the Everclear. I don't remember when people left (did I kick them out or did they leave on their own?), and I'm questioning if some people showed up that I thought showed up. K-- took away my punch and gave me water; I don't remember that. I pulled out a sheet for Per to crash under on the sofa; I don't remember that either. All I know is that I slept in my clothes and I didn't have a hangover.

Here is a picture of the punch:

For more pictures from the party, click here.
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