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Friday, July 07, 2006
Here are some bits and pieces for your education.

  • This weekend, Dallas will experience an influx of meeting planners. So, everyone that lives here, please be on your best behavior. We want these people to bring their groups to Dallas in the future. The money groups spend in the city will eventually find its way into your pocket.

  • A person from DFW Acoustics wrote me asking for some exposure. I'm not sure how much exposure you'll be receiving from my posting about you on this site, but readers, please check out the site. It's actually really well put together.

  • And then there were two Dallas character-based music blogs. Check out Bobby Ewing Dreams for an interview with my piano teacher. Go Sean!

  • Wee Demon is back, if you didn't know. Now, maybe we can get Candy and Nuts to come back.

This is all I have today. Next week, I'll talk about black holes, public art, and why red apples taste better than green ones.

Song of the Day
"Gem Sweater" by Leslie Hall
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