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Wet Butt
Thursday, May 04, 2006
How prevalent is wet butt? If you work at a desk job (or sit long periods), do you suffer from it? If so, what do you do to alleviate it?

Thanks to the wonderful wide Internet super world highway, I now know about wet butt. I don't suffer from it at work. It only really happens when I work out. Maybe that's too much information for you. Maybe I should hold back and not be so open about my wet butt fascination.

In case you suffer from this embarrassing situation, here are some helpful hints, all compiled from an online forum that addressed the topic.

"If I have to wear dress slacks or more tight pants, I grab a couple Swiffer pads, hang them from inside my underpants. Works well, but takes a while getting used to it."

"I get round it is by sitting on my coat as to not leave any wet marks when I sit down. Can't always do it though. Another is by tucking my leg under my butt so I got one leg dancling down and one leg under me. Can't sit like this for long but still it buys some time."

"The best solution I've discovered it to use the Mitchum (unperfumed) roll-on on my butt every morning. It is a bit sticky but it really helps."

"I always wear lycra shorts under my skirts and sometimes trousers when I know a wet mark would show through."

"I have discovered that wearing a tracksuit bottom works quite well, surprisingly."

"My 'band aid' approach is to fold a few layers of toilet paper into a square and tuck it between the cheeks and replace as necessary [a poor man's diaper]. It works pretty well, for the moment."

Song of the Day (this one is for Eric)
"Downtown" (in German) by Petula Clark
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