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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
On the band front:
We're now being booked by Carlin with Callithump Productions, and we still won't probably play as much--by our choice--as the other bands on her roster.

I was told that we were played on the radio in Denmark. I'm not sure which song, though.

Our album is finally available for download through iTunes.

If you write for any online or print publications, and you want to review our CD, please get in contact with me. Thank you.

On the news front:
This is the best headline I've read all year so far.

Wait. Why was there glue on the toilet seat to begin with?

Talk about your May-December romance!

On the promote area artists front:
Jennifer Morgan is one of my favorite, FAVORITE, area artists. Someone, please buy me one of her paintings.

Here are some examples of her work:

Song of the Day
"I Wish I was a Single Girl Again" by Kelly Harrell
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