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Brian Jungen
Monday, April 24, 2006
When I was in British Columbia a few months ago, I visited the Vancouver Art Gallery and was treated to the wonderful work of Brian Jungen. I liked it so much, I almost bought the really big book that the museum was selling. Almost. Then I decided to spend my money on booze and hookers.

The following text and pictures are from the Vancouver Art Gallery.

"Through the transformation of consumer goods and common materials into symbolic sculptures and installations, Jungen examines cultural norms and social issues. The artist is perhaps best known for his Prototype for New Understanding series (1998-2005), 23 startling simulations of Northwest Coast Aboriginal masks fabricated from disassembled athletic shoes. Through this ingenious manipulation, the artist collides two seemingly different commodities-globally branded footwear and revered First Nation's artwork."

"Also widely celebrated are Jungen's three enormous and incredibly lifelike whale skeleton sculptures-Shapeshifter (2000), Cetology (2002) and Vienna (2003). Made from common plastic lawn chairs, his 'whales' oscillate between objects of natural history and critiques of commodity culture, simultaneously understood as both natural forms and recognizable household objects. Cetology, the largest of the three measuring 49 feet in length, is in the Gallery's permanent collection."

Poem of the Day for National Poetry Month
"Portrait Number Five: Against A New York Summer"
by Jack Gilbert

I'd walk her home after work
buying roses and talking of Bechsteins.
She was full of soul.
Her small room was gorged with heat
and there were no windows.
She'd take off everything
but her pants
and take the pins from her hair
throwing them on the floor
with a great noise.
Like Crete.
We wouldn't make love.
She'd get on the bed
with those nipples
and we'd lie
and talking of my best friend.
They were in love.
When I got quiet
she'd put on usually Debussy
leaning down to the small ribs
bite me.

Song of the Day
"Trying to Find a Home" by Tindersticks
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