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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Dear Fellow Bloggers,

As I've recently experience the past few days, if you want your blog hits to increase and your comments to spin out of control, just criticize a local band or venue. That's all it takes. Talk about how some hyped band is terrible or over-hyped or has smelly feet, and those bands' fans come out of the forest, tripping over themselves with reasons why their favorite artists are the greatest things since fire.

Should I hop on this wagon? Ahh..what the hell! Here are some hyped Texas bands and my thoughts on them. I may insult your favorite band, so please come to their aid, fiercely.

Caveat: Yes, I'm in a band, too. This shouldn't disqualify me from criticizing. If anything, it should give me more insight into band life.

The Happy Bullets: Good, solid band; nice people; probably play too often in Dallas (though I under$tand why).

The Tah-Dahs: Another good, solid band; energetic; probably play too often with the Happy Bullets (though that has changed recently, I've noticed).

The Theater Fire: Their past recorded music I've found to be meh; the live shows are much better, and they're interesting to watch. I mean, come on, they play a washboard!

The Black Angels: Austin band whose CD of drone pysch-rock is much better to listen to while drinking a beer than actually watching them live on stage.

Midlake: I couldn't get into their first release because I'd already heard the Flaming Lips and Granddaddy release the same style of music. The few new songs I've heard are more interesting and they seem to be coming into their own sound.

Pegasus Now: Another promising young band that hopefully won't drown in all the hype.

Bosque Brown: Please. Turn. It. Off. Now. Another artist that's better to listen to late at night when you're writing in your diary about how your lover jilted you.

The Undoing of David Wright: Probably the most interesting act in the area. They're full of energy on stage, and they actually put on a show. Skinny Puppy meets the Faint.

That's just a few of the artists that everyone is going ga-ga shit over (mainly here in Texas). I don't even think I was mean at all. See, there's no way I could be a music writer; I just don't have it in me to be mean for mean's sake.

Poem of the Day for National Poetry Month
"The Land of Happy"
by Shel Silverstein

Have you been to the land of happy,
Where everyone's happy all day,
Where they joke and they sing
Of the happiest things,
And everything's jolly and gay?
There's no one unhappy in Happy
There's laughter and smiles galore.
I have been to The Land of Happy-
What a bore

Song of the Day
"Phonograph Blues" by Robert Johnson
posted by pimplomat @ 10:52 AM  
  • At Wednesday, 12 April, 2006, Blogger swirly girl said…

    How's the upping your comment factor coming?

  • At Wednesday, 12 April, 2006, Blogger trixieskips said…

    Ugh, I totally agree about Bosque Brown. I actually walked out of her last performance at DoubleWide.

  • At Thursday, 13 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Really? I dug Bosque Brown. I'm really intrigued with her voice. All a matter of opinion, I suppose.


  • At Thursday, 13 April, 2006, Blogger Eric Grubbs said…

    You forgot Red Animal War! That makes me so angry so I'm going to post as 'anonymous' now from here on out.


  • At Thursday, 13 April, 2006, Anonymous Gary P. Anonymous with an "f" said…

    Hey Pimplomat,

    Good work. I disagree with you about the Black Angels and Bosque Brown, but you didn't come accross as an unforgiving, pretentious ass. Bravo.

  • At Thursday, 13 April, 2006, Anonymous zak said…

    I'm posting to up your comments... and you'll have to let me know what you think of that new Theater Fire when it comes out.

  • At Friday, 14 April, 2006, Blogger outside ears said…


    you're shameless! love it..

  • At Sunday, 16 April, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i need to check out undoing of david wright. i've heard people either love'm or hate'm. i tend to disqualify a lot of bands from the area that automatically specify that they are a "denton band"...which everyone here knows are just north dallas suburbanite kids (read plano), that desperately wish they were raised by andy warhol.

    i don't mind bosque brown, although i liked her better when she was cat power...i know that sam at the DO is going gaga over her, but i think that nationally she's going to hit a wall, especially with so many other female vocalists copping CP's trademark style these days.


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