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Dicks Don't Grow On Trees
Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Just a few things in the hopper.

1) Josh's band, Blackheart Society, had their debut e.p. reviewed by the guy(s) at WeShotJR. Go read it. Now. Oh, and please.

2) Shout out to the newest member on my links list: Audrey. This list is getting long, but I assure you that I read all of these blogs every day, even the ones that don't update for weeks ... *cough*Candy and Nuts*cough*.

3) I'll be visiting Long Division next weekend, so start putting your picture requests in now. We can take pictures of anything you want, because we have a whole city to work with. Have you heard about New York City? Apparently, it's pretty cool.

4) I'm publicly stating my goal that I will read 52 books this year. Since I just made this goal the other night, I have some catching up to do. So far, though, I'm three down, and a fourth one is almost finished.

5) Shit, this green tea is hot!

Song of the Day
"Dicks Don't Grow On Trees" by Robyn Archer.
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  • At Thursday, 30 March, 2006, Blogger Long_Division said…

    I can't wait!

  • At Thursday, 30 March, 2006, Blogger goodaudra said…

    I want to see lots of pictures of you and Kim with passed out, drunk homeless people. I did a google image search for homeless alcoholics earlier and they all seem to reside in NYC.

  • At Thursday, 30 March, 2006, Blogger sdfl;kjasdl;fkj said…

    I lost my motivation to blog. Among the bookstacks. But not in the romantic read-52-books-in-one-year way. I will update soon, as I have news . . .

    Have fun in NYC. Give LD a big hug and buy her a martini for me. A blue one. Take a pic of it, too.

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