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Savanteous Q Malmsteen is on fire
Friday, March 17, 2006
Recently, my friend, Geoff, discovered that someone ripped off some of his work from his wonderful blog Monsters of Myspace. Geoff called him out on it, posted a message on Myspace, and others went to town on this guy.

Today, Geoff named him the 2005 Myspace Monster of the Year. I'm not sure why the posted date says Dec. 31. Still, if you haven't read his blog, please do. You may just laugh.

I find Geoff one of the most talented writers that I know. Similar to Jon Stewart, he knows how to salt and pepper his stories and observations with humor to keep them exciting and interesting. When he tops some best-seller list, just remember you heard about him here first.

Geoff's alter ego has a Myspace music page, too. His songs are more in the vein of Ween or the Dead Milkmen, so if you like that sort of style, listen to him here.

Oh, and it appears he's started a whole new blog. I'm not sure what this one is about, but did you Dallas Observer people turn him down for something?
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