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Thursday, April 06, 2006
The only thing worse in the world than being talked about is not being talked about. -- Oscar Wilde

So we were shut out once again from being nominated for any of the Dallas Observer Music Awards. A lot of other great local bands were passed over, too, so I like to think we're in good company. We're the outcasts at school. We're not the popular kids, the people everyone hopes will get fat and have bad jobs when they get older.

Congratulations to Chad's band, The Drams, for their Best New Act nomination. And congratulations to WeShotJR and Gorilla vs. Bear for their Best Music Web site/Blog nominations.

Surprisingly, The Tah-Dahs didn't garner a single nomination. Either they didn't have enough fans vote for them, or the industry "experts" didn't think they were worthy of a nod.

(Hey you, the person who told someone who told me what you said about my blog being addictive....Ira Glass asked me about you.)

Poem of the Day for National Poetry Month
"I Finally Managed to Speak to Her"
by Hal Sirowitz

She was sitting across from me
on the bus. I said, "The trees
look so much greener in this part
of the country. In New York City
everything looks so drab." She said,
"It looks the same to me. Show me
a tree that's different." "That one,"
I said. "Which one?" she said.
"It's too late," I said; "we already
passed it." "When you find another one,"
she said, "let me know." And then
she went back to reading her book.

Song of the Day
"Clinically Dead" by Chad VanGaalen
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