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Hipster High
Monday, April 03, 2006
Saturday night, the Double Wide turned into Hipster High for the Undeniable Records One-Year Anniversary Party. Entertainment was provided by the Theater Fire, the Tah-Dahs and the Happy Bullets.

The Theater Fire are a good band that I enjoy more in person than on record. Their subtle Americana on acid feel was a great beginning to the show. After them, the Happy Bullets put on one of their best shows I've ever seen. I've never heard them as tight as they were that night. And concluding the party, the Tahs-Dahs proved once again why they're the best band in Dallas, charging forward with energetic and caustic songs that had the crowd singing and dancing along with them.

Best overheard snippets from that night:
1) "Yeah, I have about five more Happy Bullet shows left in me."
2) "It's fun to pretend to be gay." (Guy saying it to a girl.)
3) "You have nice hair." (Thanks Audrey!)

Okay, so it's National Poetry Month, and in honor of it, I'll post a new poem each day. Those of you who don't like poetry can skip this section.

by Connie Wanek

Mittens are drying on the radiator,
boots nearby, one on its side.
Like some monstrous segmented insect
the radiator elongates under the window.

Or it is a beast with many shoulders
domesticated in the Ice Age.
How many years it takes
to move from room to room!

Some cage their radiators
but this is unnecessary
as they have little desire to escape.

Like turtles they are quite self-contained.
If they seem sad, it is only the same sadness
we all feel, unlovely, growing slowly cold.

Reprinted from "Bonfire," New Rivers Press, 1997

Song of the Day
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" played on a ukulele. A-maz-ing.
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