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One more entry about Helsinki
Monday, September 11, 2006
While I was visiting Helsinki, I saw a lot of people wearing different color jumpsuits. I kept thinking to myself, "They sure do look too young to be working in construction or lawn care or in jail."

On my last day there, I found out that students wear them as part of their degree groups on special days. For example, all the engineering students wear a certain color, all the math students wear another color, etc.

One of the guides on the trip wrote me the following email because I wanted to know what the literature or film students (both of my majors) wore.

"Hope you are feeling better. On your recent trip to Suomenlinna we discussed the jumpsuits that the students wear on some occasions and you asked about the colors of the literature and film students. Well, I'm afraid it turns out neither group uses them. The literature students seem to be more interested in reading books than partying and don't have a very active organization. The film students are too individualistic and artistic to use such a uniform dress code. However, happily the journalism students are neither busy studiers nor very individualistic, so they use yellow jumpsuits. The picture attachments shows what they look like."

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  • At Monday, 11 September, 2006, Blogger slskenyon said…

    Oh, there are so many good themes there, it's hard to choose. Not very attractive looking outfits, however, if the sudden urge comes over them to ski or jump out of a plane with a parachute, they will be well attired.

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