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Thursday, September 07, 2006
I don't normally participate in the kind of surveys found online (e.g., Myspace) that ask all sorts of random (and sometimes silly) questions. Why? Maybe like how I don't sing solo at karaoke bars, I refuse to do them out of principle. Don't ask me which principle. I haven't gotten that far in my philosophy.

Still, scruffylooking's recent post about books enticed me. Since I love books, and since I'm procrastinating writing an article for work, I'll fill this one out. I'm not tagging anyone else for participation, but feel free to do your own on your own blog if you have one.

A book that changed my life

I'll admit it: Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsh. Growing up Lutheran and going to church every week with my grandmother installed a lot of fears and beliefs that were holding me back in life. This book, a distillation of several different religious beliefs and philosophies, caused me to be more aware of life, what's going on around me, and how I'm ultimately in control of everything.

A book I've read more than once

Silk by Alessandro Baricco. This novella about a 19th-century silk merchant in France is one of the most poetic books I've ever read. I love the repetition, the quietness of the narration, and the ending. It's a book I recommend to anyone I can.

A book I would take with me if I were stuck on a desert island

The Best American Short Stories of the Century. There are enough stories in this collection to read one a day, and hopefully by the end of the book I'll have been rescued.

A book that made me laugh

Any story in any book by David Sedaris usually causes me to laugh.

A book that made me cry

No books have caused me to cry. Movies, yes. Books, no.

A book I wish I had written

Any book by Hermann Hesse. His constant theme of duality is of a great interest to me in all aspects of life.

A book I wish had never been written

I believe we can learn from all books, even if some in the world deem them to be bad. Still, I wouldn't mind having the hours back spent reading The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick.

A book I've been meaning to read

Have you seen my book collection?! I have a hundred books that I'm meaning to read. On deck, though, is Notable American Women by Ben Marcus as part of my 52 books a year project.

I'm currently reading

The Final Solution by Michael Chabon. I've read his The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and liked it. However, it's still too early in the book for me to comment on my feelings about this one.

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  • At Thursday, 07 September, 2006, Blogger scruffylooking said…

    Nice list. I'm so glad you did it. I kind of wish I hadn't tagged people either. It seems so intrusive to the people who don't really want to participate and exclusive to the people who wanted to contribute but weren't tagged. I can't imagine I'll do another one, but if I do, I'll leave it open.

  • At Friday, 08 September, 2006, Blogger Ryan said…

    If you're big into reading, you should check this site out.


  • At Saturday, 09 September, 2006, Blogger Pope-rah said…

    Conversations with God pleasantly suprised me as well. My sister became obsessed with the entire series. Neal Donald Walsh probably put his children through college on the workbooks she purchased alone.

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