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Helsinki, Day One
Monday, August 28, 2006
I'm currently in Helsinki, Finland, and I'm hungry, jet lagged, and seriously in need of some ice cream. Those who know me know my love for ice cream. I have a ferocious sweet tooth. But here in Helsinki, I've yet to come across a convenience store. I've walked all around the city center and have found several bars, design stores, McDonald's, a grocery store in the mall, etc., but not once have I walked past the equivalent of a 7-11. Maybe they're not located here in this area. Maybe I need to walk a couple a miles away from my hotel room. But I'm jet lagged and tired, and I'm just going to have to wait for some sort of pastry in the morning at the hotel breakfast buffet.

First observation of Helsinki: It reminds me of a smaller New York City, but more blonde.

Second observation: There are tons of people younger than me walking around. It's almost like walking around college again.
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  • At Monday, 28 August, 2006, Blogger mochila said…

    i'm stuck in el paso, the land of ice cream, but i spent the afternoon searching the area around my hotel for a contemporary furniture store and came up dry.

    if only we could switch lives for just one afternoon.

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