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You just knew this would happen
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
I get to leave work early, because the air conditioner isn't working. But I leave you with this piece of news. Don't you just love human stupidity?

Live Rattlesnakes Released in Arizona Snakes on a Plane Theater
By CK Rairden
Aug 22, 2006

Two live rattlesnakes were released in an Arizona theater during a showing of the new film, 'Snakes on a Plane.' The snakes were released after the film began rolling in the dark theater at the AMC Desert Ridge multi-plex at Tatum and the 101 in north Phoenix.

The two baby diamondbacks were actually slithering around the theater while the snakes on a plane were slithering around on screen with Samuel L. Jackson.

A bit of a panic ensued, the theater was emptied and the Arizona Herpetological Association was called in to remove the snakes.

"People are carrying them in - we believe - in backpacks - and releasing them from a container," Tom Whiting of the Arizona Herpetological Association said.

Baby rattlesnakes are even more dangerous than adult diamondbacks. A report online from James Q. Jacobs notes that baby rattlesnakes are very venomous.

"They're very deadly, very, very dangerous right from the start. Babies actually will eject all of their venom, as opposed to the adults that will eject some of their venom some of the time."

Baby rattlesnakes also can't warn their victims as they do not have rattles; rattles develop after several skin 'sheddings.'

No one was bitten by either of the snakes and the baby rattlers were captured and released into the surrounding desert.

The western diamondback is one of six rattlesnake species found in the surrounding deserts of Phoenix and one of the most common snakes in Arizona.

Snake experts in the valley are suggesting that theater owners check any backpacks that are carried into the theater for containers that may carry the snakes in case any copycats try the very dangerous stunt.

"Snakes on a Plane" captured the weekend box-office title with a take of $15.2 million.
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