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Helsinki, Day Four
Thursday, August 31, 2006
A new thing happened that has never happened to me before on a trip. I woke up sick. Aches and a sore throat and I don't want to get out of bed sick. Still, I pushed myself, visited Porvoo and Suomolina (an 18th-century fortress on an island), and even found a pharmacy where I purchased some Ibuprofen mixed with Vitamin C. By the way, is there a product in the United States that is half Ibuprofen and Vitamin C? I've never seen any if there is.

So, for my last night in Helsinki, I'm staying in, watching some Conan O'Brien, and packing my bag.

Fifth observation: Soup is hard to find. Maybe it's because it's summer, but I never did find any plain old chicken soup for sale anywhere.

Overall, it was a good trip.
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  • At Thursday, 31 August, 2006, Blogger Robert said…

    Jason: "I'm feelin' low, Apu. You got any of that medicine that has Ibuprofen and Vitamin C, you know, Motrin-C"

    Apu: "Such a product does not exist, sir! You must have dreamed it."

    Jason: "Oh. Well then just gimme a bottle of Advil and Chewable Flintstones."

  • At Monday, 04 September, 2006, Blogger slskenyon said…

    Sounds like a good trip overall, and yes, I have found that there are a number of products in Europe that we can't get in the US. One for me was an Ibuprophen gel that you can put on anywhere that hurts--including for headaches--and it will absorb into the skin. Much better than taking the pills and smells a whole lot better than Aspercreme.

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