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DOMA 2006 means Drunk Off My Ass
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Dallas' own mini-Grammys happened last night: The Dallas Observer Music Awards. It was attended by all the local music glitterati and hanger-ons, and I have pictures to prove it.

By the way, Cindy at Texas Gigs: I'm sorry I was in the women's bathroom at the after party. I was "forced" to go in there.

Most of you won't even know who some of these people are. Tough it out.

The famous Kittenpants

Justin from Red Animal War, Sean from the pAper chAse (and my piano teacher), and Merritt from the Observer. Oh, and that's Rob from The Boys Named Sue in the background between Justin and Sean.

Tif and Wee Demon

The Richards Girls

Okay, this is taking too long. Just go here if you want to see all the pictures.

Shout Out
Welcome aboard the link wagon Tif, my friend Sarah, newly arrived in Portland, Oregon, and Kittenpants, a long overdue addition to the links.

Song of the Day

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