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The future of radio?
Monday, September 18, 2006

The Dallas Observer's Robert Wilsonky reports on George Gimarc's latest radio idea: Radio SASS.

Here's a teaser to the article:

"The SASS stands for 'Short Attention Span System,' because no song in Gimarc's new format will last longer than two minutes--no, not even 'Stairway to Heaven.' Imagine your favorite song reduced to verse-chorus-verse-adios. No dickin'-around guitar solos. No wankin'-off drum solos. No nothing except the meat of the song, shorn of the gristle. In and out. Wham and bam."

As a fan of short songs, I'm curious if this idea would work. As a musician, though, I'm also concerned about the manipulation of my "art."

Still, listening to it, the format sounds fantastic.
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  • At Wednesday, 20 September, 2006, Blogger Mr Atrocity said…

    Two minutes? Yawwwwwwwn. I can't concentrate for two whole minutes on a piece of music. I want "The Thirty Thecond Thtathion - all Napalm Death, all the time."

    Much better.

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