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Really njoi it!
Thursday, September 01, 2005
Please only leave comments like this from now on, thank you. (And thanks to gorillavsbear.net for posting it.)

sorry about that. but any ways , hello. i am a new mp3er on the internet looking forward to somthin nu. but i must say that the recent and previous stuff you posted is really cool. i gone to other blogs , but i keep comin back to this one. i really njoi it!
what really stood out 4 me is that you think that vocalist from the you kno what is a douchebag.... so do i . i saw them play live at a free concret downtown here in atlanta (a-towm!!!) i wanted him to shut up so bad; like , it made me sick of his hey look im cool like a rock star personna.
oooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssh!!!
i almost not forgot ! ive seen trough your classics and i cant believe i missed that i missed so much kick assh stuff!
plus i have been going to a lot of summer concerts as well. like at music midtown, for example. i accidentally waited there 4hrs before the first days shows (fri - sun , but this was on friday. ) i got there at 2:20 , and the guy said the first set of shows start at 6:15!!! but i waited. i could've had the chance to say hi to interpol up close while they were finished doing soundcheck (me was very intimidated)+{ i finally had the chance to enjoy myself then that night and thru sundeay. heres the list of shows of artists i still remember :

friday 6:15-12:00am

red letter agent (local band)
michael tolcher ( real cool!)
interpol(first experience stage diving. i swear paul was staring at me)
the white stripes (saw most of the show , but my body was killing me!)

saturday 2: 30 - 12:00

she wants revenge- ( i thought i was crazy wearing a light sweater, that guy had to be sweating. intriuged show.
louis XIV - (was cool but they didnt sound well with the outdorr atmoshere, to me.
bloc party - yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! the show was pretty awsome . seeing them for the first time was great. i had the chance to get stuff signed or say hello to them. i felt really akward, especially when the vocalist , who i know by the name of kele, was like "whats your name" i said it it and shook my hand. i remember saying something to him lie, ' you guys really made the kids grow"... some thing like that. "thank u so so much!" he said in the most honest smile i have seen
i say wierd stuff all the time.... poor me.

the furtures - .....sorry i have nothin... werent that memorable to me.

keane -hmmmcouldve enjoyed it better if that drunk girl didnt conpulsively say, "is that my song " on every song they did.

the killers - ... .... what else 2 say about them?

the pixies- saw only 10 percent of the show.
(really wanted to go at ta masquerade for the after party . paul banks was there doing his thang on the turntables. but i was broke and not 21 so i couldnt get in 4 free. dang BEING 17!!!!!

sunday 3:30- 8:00

tegan and sarah - most adorable twins ! like how theyre very comfoftable with their shows ; makes me feel like theyre good friends to me.

coheed and cambria- man, that dudes got biggggggggggg hair!!

the lemonheads - hmmmmmmm. i relaxed on the concretes listening to them play.

devo- havent play in the atl in decades. i was shocked that they actually are incredible live! it felt wierd in the last song the vocalist put on a church choir suit and a mask of a little blond blue eyed boy mask and saying in a high voice , " its a wonderful world". effin classick!!!

i checked out more concerts in atlanta . like KOL and secret machines coulple of weeks back. planning to go and see BP again; want to know if kele will reconize me ! sigh* , me and my infatuations.

P>S> just to let u know iam a girl... latah!
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