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Thursday, August 18, 2005
Let's get serious for a bit. Today, The Cupcake and her husband move. My friend, Armani Suit, plans on moving back to Chicago in five months. My other friend, Albino Red, is thinking of moving to NYC next year. Another friend, Keyboard, wants to move to Seattle soon. Either I start making plans to move or I start making new friends.

I like where I live. I have family here. I have a lot of friends here. And my roots get watered fairly often. Still, a new city, a new chance to accomplish some of my dreams is appealing.

For someone who believes that change is a good thing, I sometimes have an insane fear of it.

And where would I move? S.F., Chicago and Paris have impressed me, so those could be a good start. Oh man, but where I live now has good Mexican food.
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