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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Guys, why haven't you told me about Jerry Jackson, the Flash animator? I'm so disappointed in all you. I would hope that my friends (especially the ones with a great sense of humor) would clue me in sometimes to the funnies out there on the Internets.

I found Jerry Jackson on my own. Without your help. Thank you.

From Wikipedia: "Jerry Jackson is a Flash animator affiliated with David Firth of fat-pie.com (best known for his Salad Fingers Flash series). Jerry, who is likely no more than 14 years old, has completed nine Flash cartoons to date. Each cartoon centers on his life, some experience he's encountered or his views on global issues such as war and racism. The characters and backgrounds are crudely drawn and the stories or messages contained within each Flash are often convoluted, filled with misspelled words ("gud pupul" for "good pupil") and Internet slang (lolzords, lollylops, wtf, ur weird m8), and are occasionally highly disturbing, making it fairly obvious that Jerry Jackson himself is fictional and likely an alter-ego of Firth or one of his animator friends."

Here are a couple of cartoons for your pleasure.

"Ben My Dog"

"The Races We Have"

Tomorrow, I'm starting a new series on this blog: "Do Dallas." Can you feel the excitement? Oh feel it; it feels good.

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