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Dallas is the real Texas music capital
Friday, June 02, 2006
For years, I've been telling anyone that would listen that Dallas is more important musically than Austin. Too many people are easily conned into thinking that Austin is the epicenter of all things involving Texas-based music. Sure, the city has some good (or bad, depending on whom you ask) music festivals, and yes, some quality artists made their name more widely-known via the Austin music scene (e.g. Willie Nelson and Spoon). Still, for historical significance, Dallas has always given Austin the smack-down.

Now, thanks to Robert Wilonsky at the Dallas Observer, you can learn the truth about Dallas' musical roots and its contributions to today's sounds. He includes MP3s with each notation, so grab yourself some Thunderbird and listen to some songs from a real capital of music.

These are the first sections. He will finish the musical history lesson next week.

“Dallas Rag” and Other Stomps
Of Lost Legends and Found Heroes
Groovy, Far Out and Monkee Business
From Funk to Punk, With a Side of Meat Loaf

Song of the Day
"If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time" by Lefty Frizzell
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