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Thursday, June 01, 2006
  • Find out here how this guy is going to help me live forever.

  • The new Thom Yorke solo album sounds like a bunch of Radiohead outtakes. Usually, Radiohead outtakes are good (compared to a lot of other bands' outtakes), but I'm just getting tired of Radiohead's "sound"--that glitchy, electronic, let's-make-the-song-sound-kind-of-weird-so-that-it-shows-we're-artsy music. For a group that is know for pushing the envelope, the last couple of albums make it appear that the band has gotten really lazy, happy to be put in a niche, not unlike later Pink Floyd. I'm not saying that laziness is bad or that it's terrible to find one thing you're good at and keep doing it. I'm just saying that I find it boring. I'm sure I pissed off someone that doesn't understand the difference between opinion and fact.

  • For those interested in "shifts in naming conventions of popular music groups," please direct your attention to this document.

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