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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Lately, I've been getting into a lot bands that incorporate instruments into their sound that are normally reserved for "world" acts and who use rhythms found mainly in Eastern European countries, Africa or South America. Bands and artists of this sort that have been on the Pimplomat playlist of late have been Man Man, DeVotchKa and Beirut (I know, I know...a blog hyped artist).

And when these bands aren't around-the-world-known artists, then you have to classify them as indie bands, right? So, because everyone loves to pigeonhole (e.g., emo, dance-punk, butt-rock, etc.), I'm declaring this new, exciting brand of music World-Indie. Catchy, ain't it? I've always been good at naming things. (Some of you might need this for that last sentence.)

I'm going to make a bold statement, too. The ukulele is the next hipster instrument. Trust me, it's going to happen. Goodbye violin. Goodbye accordion. Goodbye cello. Goodbye flute. Hello ukulele. Hello sweet four-string dwarf guitar. Hello Tiny Tim comeback.

Song of the Day
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
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  • At Thursday, 25 May, 2006, Blogger goodaudra said…

    yeah, like the hipster instrument of 2001. Stephen Merritt, or magnetic fields ring a bell? duh-plomat. I'm betting money on the banjo. or maybe fashioning stringed instruments out of the hollowed out innards of trees.

  • At Thursday, 25 May, 2006, Anonymous Satanica Esq. said…

    the ukelele thing is already happening. your behind the times, slacker. if you get a chance, there's a band from austin, the white ghost shivers, playing at the darkside lounge tonight. go check them out. they're all about the ukelele (or however you spell it).

  • At Thursday, 25 May, 2006, Blogger pimplomat said…

    Audrey and Satanica, I'm not talking about one or two acts using a ukulele. I'm talking about a whole movement. A hipster wave of ukuleleness.

    Audrey: The banjo is already played out. It reached its peak with "Deliverance," and then it made a comeback with indie artists like Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, and the Theater Fire using it for their songs. Trust me, it's on the downswing.

    Satanica: I like the White Ghost Shivers; however, I didn't go see them tonight. Their last show at the Double Wide was great, though.

  • At Thursday, 25 May, 2006, Blogger Eric Grubbs said…

    Some of the greatest pop songs of all time have ukuleles: "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" and "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree" come to mind.

  • At Friday, 26 May, 2006, Blogger sdfl;kjasdl;fkj said…

    Pimplomat, the banjo will never be played out because it's too damn difficult to play. Banjoists are a rare and special breed, I hear.

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