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Thursday, July 27, 2006
This sweet tea sure is yum-yum good, and so are these tidbits for the day.

  • Every office has at least one office pest. Here's RedEye's list of some of the worst offenders. What, there's no clockwatcher on that list?

  • From my co-worker:
    According to some accounts, people have started getting out-and-about the last few days, despite the shelling that occurs nearby. The author of a popular Lebanese blog, "Cedarseed," writes that she was astonished to see shops open this week.

    "The resilience of this people will always amaze me," she writes. "Even my hairdresser was open, so I went to have a manicure." (War is no excuse to be scruffy, as all hairdressers that worked during the war can attest.) ...

  • Fake zombies arrested with fake weapons. Story (and photos) here.

  • Should I get this Corky tattoo? I don't have a tattoo yet, and damn, this looks good!

Song of the Day
"Unhinged" by The Drams
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